Iowa FLL Championship FAQs

When is the Iowa FLL Championship?

The Iowa FLL Championship will be held on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Opening Ceremonies begin at 9 AM; Closing Ceremonies start at 4:15 PM.

Is it open to the public, is there a cost?

There is no cost and everything is open to the public! Note that the “Core Values” judging rooms are only for participating FLL teams; no coaches, parents, or the public is allowed.

Where is the Iowa FLL Championship?

ISU is hosting the Iowa FLL Championship in Howe Hall, Hoover Hall, Black Engineering Building, and Pearson Hall in Ames, IA.  The Jr.FLL showcase will be held in Coover Hall for a portion of the day.

What if there is bad weather on the day of the tournament?

Please review the Inclement Weather Policy. If it looks like bad weather on tournament day, you may want to consider getting to Ames the night before.  For a list of Ames-area hotels, click here.

What is Kamen, Evans, Flowers – where is that?

These are the competition tables for the robot matches which are located in the lower level of Howe Hall. We named our tables after important people at FIRST headquarters – Dean Kamen founded first; Scott Evans designs the FLL Challenge; and Dr. Woody Flowers coined the term ‘Gracious Professionalism’.

What is a local tournament?

A local tournament can be hosted by any team or organization. Teams can get together and have a mock tourney at their school and invite other area teams — it’s a great way to prepare for the state championship. Please contact fll@iastate.edu if you are hosting a local event.

Will my team have fun at the championship?

Of course!

Are teams doing the same activities as they did at regional qualifiers?

Yes – teams will do the same three judging sessions, as well as 3 matches with their robot.

What if my team’s robot can only do one or two missions…should we still come?

Absolutely! There is far more to FLL than your robot’s ability to perform missions. The overall goal of FLL is for kids to learn about science, technology, and engineering, as well as developing teamwork and public speaking abilities. Not only does the FLL championship give teams the chance to work with other teams and experience, it lets the teams experience all of the outreach activities offered throughout the day.

What do I do if a member of my team has an allergy?

At all Iowa FLL/Jr. FLL events, it is up to the parents/coaches to make sure that the youth team members stay safe and avoid the foods which they are allergic.  Parents/coaches need to have the appropriate medications with them in case of a severe allergic reaction   Events are held in public spaces and often there are various snacks and food on the premises.  Please let your organizer know prior to the event date about special needs or accommodations, and we will work to find a reasonable solution.

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