Iowa FLL Global Innovation Award State Nominees 2022

We are so excited to see all of our GIA nominee teams on February 19, 2022 as they share their research and innovative ideas! This event will take place virtually and on Zoom.

Iowa State FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

Global Innovation Award State Nominees Event 2022 – February 19, 2022

We are so excited to see all of our GIA nominee teams as they share their research and innovative ideas! This event will take place virtually and on Zoom. See the reviewing schedule below and links to reviewing rooms. We welcome other teams and spectators to watch reviewing sessions with their camera and audio off.

Event Details

What is the Global Innovation Award?

Known as GIA, the award is all about teams thinking innovatively. It allows teams to have an opportunity to continue their innovation project which they have done as part of the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge season. FIRST’s Global Innovation Award information can be found here for greater context on what teams would be working towards as an end goal.

How It Works

In Iowa we advance one team per qualifier to then present their research and innovation to a panel of judges at an event with the other qualifier nominated teams. Out of those Iowa qualifier teams, two teams will be chosen to represent Iowa and will be submitted to FIRST HQ for further review. All FIRST regions (Iowa, other states, other countries) have the opportunity to submit a certain number of teams for global review with FIRST, so this is a competitive process. Out of those finalists submitted from around the world to FIRST, only a small number (typically around 20) FLL Challenge teams will be accepted for the summer GIA event that FIRST will host in June. Out of those approximately 20 teams, an overall winner of the summer GIA event will be named, typically receiving funding and assistance to develop their innovative solution and possibly apply for a patent.

How will it work?

Teams will have up to 8 minutes to present. This could include a formal presentation, skit, or other type of means of communicating their idea. Then teams have 5-7 minutes to answer questions from judges about their presentation and innovative solution in order to have a good understanding of the team’s research and innovation.

Teams will present specifically on their innovation within the innovation project and may wish to consider the following:

  • Do they have a prototype they could share?
  • Have they considered costs and manufacturing their solution?
  • Do they cite their sources? What are those sources?
  • Have they discussed this with an expert who could provide them with feedback for iterations?
  • What kind of impact would this innovation have for others?
  • Is their information engaging and easy to understand?
  • What makes their solution very innovative and different than something that currently exists?

Reviewing Session Schedule & Zoom Links

Each team will join a panel of reviewers in a reviewing room through Zoom according to the following schedule (schedule PDF available here).

Before the event, note what time and Reviewing Room your team will be participating in. Make sure to practice with Zoom before the event so everything runs smoothly on event day.

When entering into the Zoom, team members are asked to change their name to the format: (Team Number – First Name). Plan on entering into the Zoom room 5 minutes prior to your reviewing session time.

Iowa GIA Nominees

These two teams will receive information from FIRST® in the coming week about submitting a proposal for global review. We congratulate all the teams participating today and thank you all for your continued dedication and ingenuity.

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  • #25582 New Cats on the Block

FIRST Global Innovation Award Final Results

June 21-23, 2022 – Union Station St. Louis, MO

“In the 2021-2022 season, CARGO CONNECT, FIRST® LEGO® League students participating in the Innovation Project will identify a problem related to improving the transportation journey of products, research the problem, and design a new piece of technology or improve an existing one.

Teams nominated for their outstanding solutions will advance to the 2022 FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award presented by Qualcomm to attend workshops with innovation and industry experts, showcase their innovative solutions in front of a global audience of peers, sponsors, and industry leaders.” —