Fun at-Home Activities!

Hi Iowa State Engineering Kids (and families) – each day we hope to add an activity with some fun engineering things to do. We will vary the ages and stages of people who might enjoy it, but our goal is fun for you and your whole family.

Here’s the format of what you will find:

  • Today’s thing to do: (here’s an activity you can do with stuff you have at home)
  • Today’s deeper dive: (things to do on your own, like looking things up or learning more about people who do this daily)
  • Today’s couch time: (movie or video to watch that connects to what you’re doing)
  • Today’s bedtime boredom buster: (Bedtime Math and other thoughts to send you off to sleep)

We hope you enjoy our virtual Engineering Kids Camps! Even if we can’t get together on campus, we can at least have some fun from home! Stay in the loop by subscribing here. Subscribing will allow you to stay up to date of the fun activities that we will be posting throughout this period of time. Stay safe – be well.

Today’s Thing to Do!

Math Dash – Get Active!

Math Dash is an activity perfect for all age ranges and take about 30 minutes to complete. Learn about Accuracy, Tolerance, and even create you very own unit of measurment!

Today’s Deeper Dive!

Are you good at adding in your head? Some people really know their math facts. Check out this mathemagician (yeah, you read that right) who seems to amazingly figure out calculations with ease

Want to consider a future as a mathemagician? Check this out
Ever heard of these famous shero mathematicians

Take your learning up a little and learn how to round multiplication

Today’s Couch Time!

Consider checking out this movie from before you were likely born, Little Man Tate (1991), or really go old school and check out Donald Duck – Mathmagic Land

For parents and older children: The Martian (rated PG-13)

Today’s Bedtime Boredom Buster!

Which do you think is faster: you figuring out the length of your bed by estimation in your head or measuring it for accuracy? Why would it be important to be accurate?

Speaking of fast, check this out at Bedtime Math

Past Activities!

March 26, 2020

Today’s Thing To Do!

Create a Straw Bridge! (using whatever materials you can find around your house) Be creative!

Today’s Deeper Dive!

Iowa has over 24,000 bridges throughout the state! These structures are viral to many aspects like travel, food transportation and much more.

Check out a new bridge in Iowa! I-74 is getting a brand new bridge to replace the existing one!

It is very important to monitor the safety of bridges across the state. Check out what Iowa State University does to ensure our saftey.

What other factors can you think of that can help make sure our bridges are well taken care of and safely stand strong for years to come?

Today’s Couch Time!

Structures and LEGO go hand and hand! Check out the LEGO Masters TV show like the episode about Super-bridges or the LEGO Movies where “Everything is Awesome!”

And for some big time inspiration, look for Dream Big: Engineering Out World. This highly recommended film offers lots of engineering examples for all ages.

Today’s Boredom Buster!

Put your artistic mind to work. Sketch out how you would design your very own bridge. Will it have a theme? Be a certain color or shape? It’s all up to you!

Still awake? No problem, check out this Bedtime Math or some more inspiration!

March 25, 2020

Today’s Thing To Do!

Protect the Pringle (or cracker or potato chip…or whatever you have)

Today’s Deeper Dive!

Car seats, astroid deflection, personal protective equipment for medical staff; lots of time and thought goes into keeping us safe. Can you name some other products that help keep you, your friends and family safe? Here are some links to learn more about these products.

Today’s Couch Time!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the perfect movie to get your creative juices going – how can you use every day things to innovate the future? Protect something?

Already seen that movie like, well, 100 times? Allergic to meatballs? Okay, then. Check out Flubber for some old school fun.

Today’s Boredom Buster!

Try to come up with as many things you can think of that you could do with a bed sheet. What number did you get to? What would you use it for?

And as long as we’re stuck at home, dealing with toilet paper shortages, you can also check out this Bedtime Math

Even More Fun Things To Do!

We have lots of fun and educational resources thoughout our site that you can check out!