FLL Challenge Coaches/Mentors

FLL Challenge Coaches/Mentors

Becoming an FLL Challenge Coach is simple, rewarding and most of all a ton of fun! All skillsets and backgrounds are welcome, there is no need to be an engineer, scientist or have prior experience with FLL. If you want more information on becoming a coach and starting your own FLL Team, click here!

If you are already a Coach/Mentor of an FLL Challenge team, this page is your corner for all information, resources, and updates about FLL Challenge. Here we will provide you information about the season challenge, important dates, and helpful ways to guide your team.

This we conducted a series of online meetings called “Coach Coffees” to cover an informational topic about FLL Challenge. View some of the recorded meetings below.

Team Management

Also click here to view FIRST resources on Team Management

Quick Links

Season Calendar
  • August 17:

    Global Challenge Release

  • October 2021:

    Iowa Regional Qualifying Tournament Registration

  • November-June:

    Tournament/Festival Season

  • January 2022:

    Iowa FLL Challenge Championships

Helpful Information For Coaches

  • Download the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App

    Download the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App to help your team program their robot and navigate this seasons robot challenges.

  • Coaching Quick Tips

    Here are some great coaching tips and tricks!

  • Coach Coffee: October/September Highlights!

    Want a quick snapshot of the coach coffee sessions that have taken place this season? Check out our Coach Coffee: Highlight Video on box!

  • Iowa FLL Judging Process

    Want to learn more about the FLL Challenge Judging Process? We have the perfect video for you! During a previous Coach Coffee we discussed the judging process for FLL Challenge.

  • Iowa FLL Event Notes

    During a previous Coach Coffee, an overview of this PDF about FLL Challenge Events was displayed. It contains lots of great information about FLL programs, virtual events, judging and registration.

  • Coach Coffee: Iowa FIRST Senior Mentor: Jeff Margret

    During a previous coach coffee, Jeff Margret, a Senior Mentor for Iowa FLL, shared helpful information and resources for coaches in this video.

  • FLL Global Innovation Award (FLL GIA) Video

    Your team can choose to participate in the Innovation Project. During this project, your team will identify a problem related to people not getting enough physical activity in their lives. Afterwards you and your team will research the problem and come up with a solution by creating or improving a piece of technology. Learn more with this video!

  • Global Innovation Award Website

    To learn more about GIA you can visit their website. On the GIA website your team can take a look at the GIA Rubric, guidelines and information about the nomination process.

  • Iowa FLL Challenge GIA Process

    On this document we provide more information on what the GIA process looks like for Iowa FLL Teams.

  • Custom Educator Curriculum For FLL

    FIRST has now released a peer reviewed education curriculum geared towards the goal to provide quality STEM education to students PreK-12. Click to see the FLL Challenge Standard Alignment and FLL Explore Standard Alignment PDF. You can learn more at this site.

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