Educator Resources

We’re taking on a new program designed to connect classrooms to the business community. Manufacturing Day in Iowa is really more like all year, as Iowa has noted 2018 as the Year of Manufacturing. We’re excited to be collaborating with multiple statewide partners to connect schools with local and regional industry to increase exposure for students to careers in computer science, robotics, logistics, engineering, human resources, graphic design, accounting and more!

We want to show students (and educators) that there is more to manufacturing than what might have been previously imagined. We’re changing the conversation to increase opportunities for engagement and potentially support for schools through connecting communities in a meaningful and sustainable way.

We’re coordinating classroom speakers, facility tours, hands-on family events and more!

Please consider joining us for a Manufacturing Day experience this academic year. If you would like to request an event, please just email us at

Don’t live in Iowa? We’ve got you covered. Check out details for your state at on the interactive map for events and opportunities. And let us know how we can help you connect.

We hope you will join us for this exciting new programming opportunity!

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