FLL Challenge Season Challenge Information

This Year’s Challenge (2020-2021) – RePLAY!

    • Opportunities to get up and be active are all around us! Although, many people do not get enough physical activity in their day. How can you use your creativity and your love of playing to motivate and inspire others to be more active in their day to day life? Could you create a new game? New technology that requires movement from the user? Brainstorm ways to get people moving with this year’s season challenge: RePLAY!Click Here to See the Season Challenge Story!

Season Challenge Overview

  • Core Values

    Teams will learn and act in correspondence to the FIRST Core Values.

  • Robot Design

    Teams create a short presentation on how they created, designed and programed their robot to complete season-related tasks.

  • Robot Games

    Teams will practice and compete in the 2 minute and 30 second Robot Game Rounds. They can strategize which tasks to complete and take time in-between rounds to fine tune their robot.

  • Innovation Project

    Teams will prepare a 5 minute presentation focused on how they competed their Innovation Project.

More Helpful Information

All of the following information can be found here at firstinspires.org. Or at the Division Resource Page at firstinspires.org