FLL Explore Budget and Funding

FLL Explore Financial Information

  • New FLL Explore Teams can expect to pay around $400 to get started. This fee allows your team to be officially registered with FIRST, provides your team with an Inspire Model, and access to purchase a discounted reusable LEGO WeDo 2.0 set off the LEGO store. After the first year, teams can expect to pay less, since they will be able to reuse their LEGO set year after year. The reoccurring costs will be Team Registration for FIRST.
    • Every Year Cost

      FIRST FLL Explore Team Registration: $99

      This fee will be paid to FIRST. What does this include?

      • Official FIRST LEGO League Explore team number.
      • Explore Inspire (LEGO) Set
      • Printed/electronic copies of the Team Meeting Guide, Robot Game Rulebook, and Engineering Notebooks.
      • Ability to register and compete in FIRST LEGO League Explore Expos
      • Access to the FIRST storefront to purchase discounted LEGO Robot Sets.
      • Access to team roster to register mentors and participants.
      Iowa FLL Explore Qualifying Tournament Registration Fee: Free
      Thanks to a donor, all Iowa FLL Explore teams can attend Iowa FLL Explore Expos free of charge. To register for an Expo, please visit our Iowa FLL Explore Expo Registration.

    • One Time Cost

      LEGO WeDo 2.0 Core Set $220
      This LEGO set has motors, sensors, gears and a smarthub. Teams will have the option to purchase at a discount through our team registration site after you have paid the team registration fee.
    • Other Costs

      • Tablet (or other device): To program your LEGO WeDo Set.
      • Team Swag Materials: (Shirts, accessories, ext.) if the team desires.
      • Trifold board and/or project Materials: Materials for your Project Presentation can be as simple or complex as you would like.
      • Travel Related Funds

Learn more about the following areas by clicking the corresponding links Pricing & Payment, Cost & Registration, and Payment Terms.

Grants and Fundraising

If you want to start a team but need help getting started financially, many grants are available through sponsors looking to diversify the STEM fields. FIRST offers a number of fundraising ideas along with access to grants and scholarships offered locally, regionally and nationally by outside corporations and companies.

Grants available for 2020-2021 Season