FLL Explore Remote Events

FLL Challenge Remote Events This Season

What to expect at an Iowa FLL Explore Remote Expo Review:

  • You will receive a confirmation of the date/time of your Review time with a Zoom link from Iowa FLL.
  • The whole Review session will be no longer than 5-10 minutes.
  • Spectators are allowed in the Zoom ‘room’ but must stay on mute and keep their camera off.
  • Teams may determine, based on safety of participants, if they can meet together or log in individually for the Review time. Please follow recommended safety guidelines, practice social distancing and mask wearing to keep participants safe, if meeting in person.
  • Any team member logging in from an individual location should have a supervising adult present to ensure online safety.
  • If the team will be in their own individual devices, please remind them to mute when they are not speaking.
  • If the team will be all together with you, it would be helpful, if possible, if you could have one device, such as a phone or tablet logged in to the Zoom session that could be showing the model and show me poster on mute, and another device that could be showing the students and being utilized for the Reviewers to hear them speak.
  • Teams will be asked about their model, Show Me poster, core values and learning throughout the season.
  • No formal presentation is required. Reviewers will spend time asking questions and hearing from the team.
  • Coaches should not plan to speak or ‘coach’ the team on their responses during the Review session. Coaches are present to facilitate the technology, ensure safety and be in support of the team during the session.

Following the Review session, our Iowa FLL Explore Reviewers will meet privately to discuss the team’s performance and will determine an award category for each team. This award will be communicated to the coach(es) the following business day via email. Teams will receive virtual recognition through certificates that can be shared digitally with the team.

We look forward to hearing from you and engaging with your team(s). Please let us know any questions or concerns at fll@iastate.edu