FLL Explore Remote Events

FLL Explore Events for 2022-2023 Season

Registration for teams is now open with FIRST® at www.firstinspires.org. Iowa FLL Explore Expo Registration is also open on our FLL Explore Expo Registration Page.

Presentation Best Practices

  • Teams will be asked about their model, Show Me poster, core values and learning throughout the season.
  • No formal presentation is required. Reviewers will spend time asking questions and hearing from the team.
  • The whole Review session will be no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Following the Review session, our Iowa FLL Explore Reviewers will meet privately to discuss the team’s performance and will determine an area of excellence for the team and assign an award category for each team.

We look forward to hearing from you and engaging with your team(s). Please let us know any questions or concerns at fll@iastate.edu.