FLL Explore Season Challenge Information

This Year’s Challenge (2020-2021) – PLAYMAKERS

Chances to get out and play are all around us! We can go to the park with friends, shoot basketballs at the gym, and create fun robots in our own homes! No matter where you play these games are all about having fun and exploring the world around you. The spaces that we play in are just as important as the games we play in them. You and your team will take a close look at the games and play spaces of today to think of improvements for the play spaces of tomorrow. How can play spaces be better for more people? How can we improve equipment used in our favorite games?

We can’t wait to see how your creativity, imagination and exploration will shape the future of play!

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Each FLL Explore Team will receive a PLAYMAKERS LEGO Set. This set has all the parts to make a functioning LEGO Robot. You and your team will follow a set of instructions to help guide you and get your team started on robot programing. Keep in mind that you and your team will need to have a tablet or computer available to program your robot.

More Helpful Information

More helpful information can be found on FIRST website. You can also get a snapshot of the season here.

  • Getting Started Videos

    Here are some videos on how to get started with your FLL Explore robot.