FLL Explore

What Is FLL Explore?

Created in partnership with the LEGO Group, FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, formerly known as FIRST® LEGO® League Junior (FLL Jr.), is geared to children aged 6 to 10 years old and utilizes a modified FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge (FLL Challenge) framework. Teams of up to 6 children and two adult coaches explore a real-world problem, based on the annual theme like water or space. They will design a motorized LEGO model depicting what they learned and create a “Show Me” poster that, through drawings, pictures, and words, depicts the team’s experience.

FLL Explore introduces children to the concepts of teamwork and basic design skills, creating an initial interest and hands-on approach to science and technology through the familiarity and fun of LEGO building. The goal: provide an experience that will begin to transform youngsters and open their eyes to the possibilities of improving the world around them through acknowledgement, thought, planning and technology.

The FLL Explore experience also is a way of engaging younger siblings and friends of FLL team members in a similar team situation with goals. By cultivating their interest in and experience with this kind of hands-on, fun teamwork, they are likely to then transition to the FLL program as they get older.

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FLL Explore Team Accomplishments

  • Solve a real world problem as you learn!

    FLL Explore Teams explore topics like water conservation, space exploration and city planning as they go through guided sessions.

  • Create A Team Model

    Team members create a LEGO robot that can solve a problem related to the season topic!

  • Improve and expand your STEM and teamwork skills!

    Throughout the whole program, teams learn and build a wide variety of skills in science, technology, engineering and tech.

Why Should I Join?

  • Build New Skills

    Studies have shown the robotics activities and competitions like FLL can successfully promote K-12 student engagement and mastery in a variety of STEM Skills.

    Learn what skills FLL Challenge can help you expand upon!

  • Increase Creativity

    Students in FLL have to work together to develop their robots from designing the specifications needed and programming it to run. They are given the constraints of limited time and resources. Through they requirements, teams are inspired to shoot for the sky and develop their innovation skills as they go. Each team comes to competitions with innovative designs and ideas ready to show their creations to family, friends and professionals.

  • Improve Teamwork Skills

    Students work in teams while competing in FLL. These students work together to solve problems and meet their team’s goals. Students have to collaborate to succeed, and they end up learning how to work in a team.

FIRST Core Values

  • Discovery

    We explore new skills and ideas.

  • Innovation

    We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.

  • Impact

    We apply what we learn to improve our world.

  • Inclusion

    We respect each other and embrace our differences.

  • Teamwork

    We are stronger when we work together.

  • Fun

    We enjoy and celebrate what we do!