I am looking for a team for my daughter/son. Where can I find one?

Due to FIRST® policy, we are unable to match children with teams. Since teams can form anywhere – schools, libraries, Girl/Boy Scouts, Clover Kids, or neighborhood kids – you can try finding existing teams wherever there is youth programming available. If you cannot find an existing team, we encourage you to start one. Coaches can be anyone. No special skills or knowledge is required, just a desire to help kids learn. For more information on starting a team, click here.

How can I tell if the event I’m attending is an Official Expo?

All Official FLL Jr. Expos in Iowa are coordinated through Iowa State University College of Engineering. You know the event you are attending is Official if you register through the ISEK website here. At an official FLL Jr. Expo, teams will have the opportunity to showcase their models and Show Me! posters and talk to friendly Reviewers about their experience.

I have 7 kids interested. Do I have to start two teams?

Yes. FLL Jr. teams can consist of up to 6 members. If you have more youth interested in joining, you will have to start multiple teams or consider how you will pick your 6 team members. Remember that coaches can have multiple teams!

What is the Team Roster, and why do I need it?

All teams attending an Official FLL Jr. Expo are required to bring a team roster/ consent forms to Iowa FLL/ FLL Jr. no later than a week before the Official Expo.

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, email us at flljr@iastate.edu.