Budget & Funding

Budget and Funding Information

Every year, an FLL team should budget around $370 for team registration, purchasing the FLL kit and championship registration.  Additionally, you will probably need money for batteries, team shirts, flair to trade, etc.

Also, a new team should budget an extra $350-$500 to buy a Mindstorms robotics kit – this is what the robot is built from and can be reused each year.  All LEGO Mindstorms sets will work for competition including the EV3, NXT, and RCX models.  You may want to purchase an extra motor and some sensors, however.  Otherwise, order a new Mindstorms kit when you complete your team’s registration online.

The table below are the basic costs associated with having a team. Your team may incur additional costs such as travel to events, team t-shirts, etc.  See Appendix A of the Coaches Handbook (available for download here) for more information on budgeting and fundraising.


Item Cost Notes
FLL Team Registration
$225 This is a required fee paid to FIRST®  to be an official team
Challenge Set $75 This set contains the LEGO elements to build your Robot Game field.  This is available to purchase from LEGO after your team registration is paid
Iowa FLL Tournament Registration Fee $80 This fee covers your team’s attendance at a Regional Qualifier event, and the State Championship if your team advances.  Your team will receive an invoice from ISU for this fee.
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit $470 This is a special price available to registered teams, and available through LEGO.
FLL Table $75 This is an estimated cost on materials to build your competition table.  This would be a one time cost as the table is reused each year.
Laptop Varies You will need a laptop to program your robot.
Materials for Project Varies Your Project Presentation can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  Materials needed vary.


Estimated cost for Start-up: $850-$1200


Each year, grants are offered through the generous support of John Deere and Rockwell Collins.  Use the links below for more information, including closing dates and requirements.

John Deere Inspire

Rockwell Collins


FIRST LEGO League in School

Information about using school funds to pay for STEM programs, grant writing tips, and a list of popular grant providers can be found on the LEGO Education website here.