General FLL FAQs

Can you tell me what teams are in my area?

No, unfortunately we can’t.  According to FIRST® policy, we cannot give out any contact information relating to teams, including name, meeting location, e-mail, etc.  However, you can try to link up with locals teams using the FIRST Forums by clicking here. The FIRST website also includes great resources for starting a team.

Should I send Iowa State the names of my current team members?

No, please keep all of your team’s information updated on the FIRST registration system here. Click “Sign Up” or “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage to access the FIRST registration system.

When I email questions, I include my team name, but am always asked for my team number.  Why?

The FLL team number is a unique identifier to your team.  While team names may be the same from team to team, the FLL team number is not, which allows us to look up your information quickly and accurately.  Please include your FLL team number in all communications.

I continue to be asked for my FLL team number.  What is this number and where do I find it?

The FLL team number is a unique identifying number, assigned only to your team, after completing the team registration in the FIRST registration system.  If you do not know your FLL team number, log in to your team’s account here (click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage).

My team has not fully committed to a team name.  Who do I contact with our decision and/or what if our team name changes throughout the season?

You have until the time you register for an Iowa FLL Regional Qualifier to decide on a team name. Once you register for an Iowa FLL Regional Qualifier, your team name in the FIRST registration system will be the name used at all Iowa FLL events. There will not be an option to change your team name after you register.

The coach’s email address and/or coach has changed and/or I need to add a co-coach to our team roster, who do I need to notify?

All team information changes need to be made in the FIRST® registration system.  It is very important that this information remains current as FIRST and Iowa FLL distribute all important information to team contacts in this database.

If your coach information changes from what is listed on your Regional Qualifier registration form, please email to ensure we have updated contact information in order to ensure your team gets all important information prior to attending an event.

What is the FIRST registration system?

The FIRST registration system is where all team members, coaches, mentors, and volunteers register to attend or help out at any FIRST event. Students, coaches, and mentors can all register with a team. This system will allow parents of FLL team members to register their child as being on a team, and electronically sign the FIRST Consent and Release Forms.  Click here to log on (select “Sign Up” or “Log In” in the top right corner).

How can I connect with Challenge-related experts?

We will be hosting multiple virtual meet the expert sessions this season. Rather than having to travel to an event, we will be sending out opportunities throughout the season for your team to engage with experts in a bunch of different topics focusing on this season’s challenge. More information about these sessions will be given in our Team Blasts, which can be found here.

Are other coding softwares allowed for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® as part of FLL?

You might have seen the announcement that LEGO® MINDSTORMS® is now compatible with Microsoft MakeCode, and will soon also be compatible with Scratch 3.0. This adds exciting opportunities for students around the world to develop relevant coding skills. Even though the current MakeCode software is still a BETA version, and will be so until the end of August 2018, the FIRST® LEGO® League development team has thoroughly discussed if and how MakeCode can be incorporated in the program. Our highest priority is to ensure a fair, impactful and fun learning experience for all teams. Given the large implications on the judging experience and season materials, it has been decided that – for the INTO ORBIT℠ season – the use of MakeCode will NOT be allowed at official FIRST® LEGO® League events.


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