Saturday Championship Information

Iowa Championship – Saturday January 13, 2018

When preparing for the State Championship it is important to know where you need to go for each event and when you need to be there.  Below is some general information about the buildings on the Iowa State Campus as well as schedules and team lists for you to view.


Event Schedule

The most recent version of the event schedule is posted here.

NOTE: The schedule may change over time. Please check back leading up to the event to make sure you have the most up-to-date version!

Team List

We also have a list of teams attending the Saturday Championship with Pit locations here.

Outreach Schedule

We also are hosting an Outreach Expo for local groups and student organizations here at Iowa State University. Be sure to stop by the expo between you events to see some great activities and demonstrations. This is also a great place for parents to take little brothers and sisters for some hands-on fun! A schedule is posted here.

Live Stream

If you are interested in watching the event, please check out our Iowa FLL 2017 State Championships Live Stream.

Building Maps and Event Locations

Campus Map

If you are new to the Iowa State Campus or need a refresher on the campus layout, check out the interactive campus map here. This will give you an overview of where you need to go once you arrive on campus.

Event Locations

This year’s State Championship will take you to various places on the West Side of Campus including Howe Hall, Hoover Hall, and the Biorenewables Complex. To see the layout of the event, please check out these building maps. The list below gives a brief description about what each building has to offer:

Building Name Attractions
Town Engineering Building Team Pits
College of Design Team Pits and Practice Tables
Biorenewables Complex FLL Jr. Expo, Project Green and Orange Judging and GIA Presentations
Howe Hall Core Values Judging (all tracks) and Robot Game Matches
Hoover Hall Project Red and Blue Judging, and Robot Design Judging (all tracks)
Marston Hall Outreach Expo