Saturday Championship Information

Iowa Championship – Saturday, January 18, 2020

When preparing for the State Championship it is important to know where you need to go for each event and when you need to be there.  Below is some general information about the buildings on the Iowa State Campus as well as schedules and team lists for you to view. We ask that all coaches read the Championship Handbook in preparation for the event.


Team Specific Event Schedule – The event schedule will show the time and place for each team during the Saturday Championship. Every team in the Championship will have 3 Judging Sessions and 3 Robot Rounds.

NOTE: The schedule may change over time. Please check back leading up to the event to make sure you have the most up-to-date version!

General Event Schedule
8a – 8:30a   Team Arrival and Check in
8:30a – 8:50a   Coaches Meeting (1 Coach per team)
9a – 9:20a   Opening Ceremonies (Guests: Howe Hall, Alliant Energy-Lee Liu Auditorium & Hoover Hall, Kent Stine Foundation Auditorium)
9:30a – 2:30p   Competition Activities (see Team Specific Event Schedule above)
11:45a – 12:30p   Break for Lunch – Competition and Judging Activities Suspended
12:10p – 3:30p   Global Innovation Award Presentations (Sukup Hall Atrium, Biorenewables Complex)
2:30p – 3:30p   Outreach Activities and Team Pit Clean Up (Howe Hall is closed to all teams)
3:45p (approx.)   Medals Ceremony, Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation
Teams Access Only beginning at 3:30p: Howe Hall Lower Level Atrium
Guests: Howe Hall, Alliant Energy-Lee Liu Auditorium & Hoover Hall, Kent Stine Foundation Auditorium

Team List – (second page) The list of teams attending the Saturday Championship with Pit locations.

GIA State Finalist Schedule – This schedule includes teams that were selected as Global Innovation State Finalists as they present their innovative items to a panel of reviewers in the Biorenewables Complex.

Outreach Schedule – We also are hosting an Outreach Expo for local groups and student organizations here at Iowa State University. Be sure to stop by the expo between you events to see some great activities and demonstrations. This is also a great place for parents to take little brothers and sisters for some hands-on fun!

Nominations for Recognition

Grace Murray Hopper (Saturday) – Each day of the Championship, we give the Grace Murray Hopper Award to a female FIRST LEGO League team member who shows persistence in finding solutions, the courage to be innovative, and is a gracious professional. Thank you for sending in your nominations! Awards will be presented at the event on Saturday.

Coach/Mentor Award (Saturday) – Each day of the Championship, we give the Coach/ Mentor award to recognize an individual who is a mentor or coach of a FIRST LEGO League team that makes a sustained and significant impact to FLL & their respective team. Thank you for sending in your nominations! Awards will be presented at the event on Saturday.

Championship Hotel Rates

Special Iowa FLL Championship Hotel Rates:

  • Holiday Inn Express – $79/night
    • 515-232-2300
    • 2600 E 13th S, Ames
  • Baymont- $75/night
    • 515-232-0689
    • 1605 S Dayton Pl., Ames

For hotel information in Ames, visit the Think Ames Website.

Make sure to mention that you are staying for the Iowa FLL Championships.

Live Stream

If you are interested in watching the event, please check out our Iowa FLL State Championships Live Stream.

Championship Slide Show & Pictures

We like to look back on all the great times our teams had throughout the event.

Building Maps and Event Locations

Campus Map – If you are new to the Iowa State Campus or need a refresher on the campus layout, check out the interactive campus map here. This will give you an overview of where you need to go once you arrive on campus.

Event Locations – This year’s State Championship will take you to various places on the West Side of Campus including Howe Hall, Hoover Hall, and the Biorenewables Complex. To see the layout of the event, please check out these building maps. The list below gives a brief description about what each building has to offer:

Building Name Attractions
Town Engineering Building Team Pits
College of Design Team Pits and Practice Tables
Biorenewables Complex FLL Jr. Expo, Project Green and Orange Judging and GIA Presentations
Howe Hall Core Values Judging (all tracks) and Robot Game Matches
Hoover Hall Project Red and Blue Judging, and Robot Design Judging (all tracks)
Marston Hall Outreach Expo

Saturday Championship Awards

After a long day of competition, we have tallied the judge’s results. Today’s Iowa FIRST LEGO League Championship Award winners are:

Coach/Mentor Award – Steve Cassian (Teams 34173, St. Teresa – Blue and 34172, White House)
Coach/Mentor Award – Rachel Hallstrom (Team 20043, Saintly Coders)
Grace Murray Hopper Award – Elazia Davison (Team 15743, The ArchiTECHS)
Grace Murray Hopper Award – Natalie Ford (Team 38559, The Smart 6)

Robot Strategy and Innovation

  • 1st Place Award – Team 17410, DA Peeps!

Robot Mechanical Design

  • 1st Place Award – Team 38559, The Smart 6!

Robot Programming

  • 1st Place Award – Team 31321, Team Wolves!

Robot Performance

  • 2nd Place Award – Team 32817, Cybotic Wizards!
  • 1st Place Award – Team 17410, DA Peeps!

Project Research

  • 1st Place Award – Team 7885, Phoenix Voyagers!

Project Innovation Solution

  • 1st Place Award – Team 37603, Excelsior Black!

Project Presentation

  • 1st Place Award – Team 48120, Flaming NightHawks!

Core Values Inspiration

  • 1st Place Award – Team 7954, Brick Burners!

Core Values Gracious Professionalism®

  • 1st Place Award – Team 15743, The ArchiTECHS!


  • 1st Place Award – Team 31896, Boys in Black!

Judges Award – Team 28143, Purple Sea Monkeys Eating Scotcheroos!

Champion’s 3rd Place Award – Team 32817, Cybotic Wizards!

Champion’s 2nd Place Award – Team 38203, DSM Pi!

Champion’s 1st Place Award – Team 41732, Cows of Yoda!