Join an Existing Team

Wondering what teams are in your local area? We have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that according to FIRST policy, we cannot give out any contact information relating to teams including name, meeting location, email, etc. In short, we are unable to actually match kids with existing teams.

The good news is that there might be teams in your area that are associated with other organizations like local schools, libraries, 4-H Clubs, Boy/ Girl Scouts, etc. On the FIRST Team Search tool, you can search for teams in your area. However only limited information is provided to protect youth participants.

You can also contact local schools, libraries, and youth organizations to ask if they have teams your child can join. The FIRST website also has great resources on starting a team which is definitely not as hard as you think! You can also check out the information on our ISEK website.

Remember that coaches can be anyone with a desire to guide the students through their learning and problem solving. Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about FLL. FIRST has many resources designed to help coaches get started and be successful, and as the FLL partner in Iowa, we are here to help coaches throughout the season.


The staff at ISEK is always willing to answer your questions! Feel free to email us at