News You Can Use

Space Flight

  • Made In Space Archinaut 3D Printed Satellite Factor To Undergo Thermal Vacuum Testing. CNBC
  • Smallsat Company To Launch First Non-Test Flight. Wired
  • OMB asks NASA To Study Conversion Of Field Centers To R&D Hubs. ExecutiveGov
  • ‘Peanuts’ and NASA are collaborating again — five decades after Snoopy’s moon mission. Washington Post
  • How Does NASA Test For Spacecraft Safety? Brutalize a Replica. Wired


  • Connected Aircraft To Triple Within Decade. Aviation Week
  • NASA’s Aircraft Modifications Makes Planes 70 Percent Quieter. Engadget
  • UAV Research at mid-atlantic Aviation Partnership test site to test safe out of range operation. Washington Post


  • Sprint to provide connectivity to autonomous charging robot vehicles. Converge! Network Digest
  • Researchers Developing Robots To Assist Alzheimer’s Disease Patients. HealthDay

Inpirational News

  • The 39 most powerful female engineers of 2018. BusinessInsider
  • Girl Scouts unveils 30 new STEM-related badges, including space exploration and cybersecurity. The Verge