2009 Smart Move

Smart Move

The 2009 FIRST LEGO League challenge, Smart Move, was released on September 3, 2009. This season, FLL teams are tasked with learning about transportation – accessing people, places, goods and service in the safest, most efficient way possible.

There are two parts to the Smart Move challenge – the robot game and the research project. This year’s robot game takes place on a field that represents a vehicle test track. Each team designs, builds and programs a sensor-equipped vehicle (their robot). This vehicle needs to gain access to places and things, while avoiding or surviving impacts. The playing field, which is 4’ x 8’, has numerous LEGO challenge elements and obstacles that the team’s robot needs to traverse and interact with. Some challenge elements need to be manipulated on the field, some need to be delivered to specific locations, while other objects need to be retrieved from their locations on the field and brought back to base.

The research project for Smart Move asks teams to look at how transportation affects their everyday lives. Nearly everything we use is impacted by transportation. Teams first need to describe their community, then create a list of how everything moves in, around, to and through their community. From this list, teams need to learn more about these forms of transportation and identify problems with them. After selecting one particular problem, they need to create an innovative solution to this problem – then share what they’ve learned with others.

This is just a quick overview of the Smart Move challenge. For all the details on Smart Move, check out the official FIRST LEGO League website.