Regional Qualifiers

Iowa uses a regional qualifier system for FLL teams. With this system, every team will have the opportunity to attend a FLL Regional event with a chance to qualify for the State Championships. Registration is on a “first-come, first-served” basis with a certain number of teams/capacity per regional tournament event site.

Every tournament will have team capacity from 12 to 40 teams.  All teams have the same opportunity of advancing on to the State Championships from each regional.  The State Championships are held on the Iowa State University College of Engineering campus.  The State Championships are a two day event with teams from specific Regional Qualifiers advancing to each day.  It is noted on the registration page next to each event if teams from that event will advance to the Championship on Saturday or Sunday.  We cannot make exceptions to which Championship event teams will attend.

Registration to participate in the Iowa FLL Tournament structure will be a one-time, non-refundable fee of $70. (Which covers both the regional event and qualifiers’ state participation!) Teams will be billed for their participation fees by ISU with timely payment due upon receipt of the invoice.

All student participants, coaches, and mentors participating in the Iowa FLL tournament structure will need a signed FIRST Consent and Release Form before attending a regional event.  For team members, the form can be signed by their parent/guardian electronically through STIMS (here).  Or, click here to print the form.

To see a list of events and to register for a Regional Qualifier click here.

Information specific to your event will be emailed by the event organizer closer to the date of the Regional.  It is important that the email addresses you provide are typed correctly as this is how we contact you.

A note to parents and coaches on allergies –

At all Iowa FLL/Jr. FLL events, it is up to the parents/coaches to make sure that the youth team members stay safe and avoid the foods which they are allergic.  Parents/coaches need to have the appropriate medications with them in case of a severe allergic reaction   Events are held in public spaces and often there are various snacks and food on the premises.  Please let your organizer know prior to the event date about special needs or accommodations, and we will work to find a reasonable solution.


Iowa FLL Regional Qualifiers are sponsored by: