Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier FAQs

My team hadn’t decided on a team name when we registered for our qualifier.  How do I make sure our team name is correct at our event?

You have up until you register for an Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier to decide your team name. After you register for an Iowa Qualifier, the team name used in the Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier Registration Process is what will be used for all events this season.

The coach’s email address and/or coach has changed, who do I need to notify?

All team information changes need to be made in the FIRST team registration system. To access the FIRST team registration system, click here and click either “Sign up” or “Log in” button in the top right corner of the web-page. It is very important that this information remains current as FIRST and Iowa FLL distribute all important information to team contacts in this database.

If your coach information changes from what is listed on your Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier registration form, please email to ensure we have updated contact information in order to ensure your team gets all important information prior to attending an event.

My team owes $60.00 for the Iowa FLL Challenge event registration fees.  Who do I pay?

All qualifier event registration fees will be paid directly to Iowa State University (not event organizers).

A university bill will be mailed to the Billing Address listed on the team’s FLL Challenge event registration form.  Timely payment is expected to Iowa State University. Please do NOT submit payment until a university bill is received. The university bill will include a portion for you to remit with your team’s payment to ensure it is credited correctly. 

What time will my FLL Challenge Qualifier event start and end? 

This season all events will be held remotely online. More information will be released with event sign up details. Please make sure to look at the date and time before registering for an event in November.

Where do I find more specifics about my event? 

As the event nears, emailed communication will be sent from Iowa FLL to the coaches’ email addresses listed on the qualifier event registration form. Some event details can be found on the ISEK website closer to event registration in November.

One of our team members is not able to attend the event.  Can we still participate?

Yes! While it is always great to have your whole team participate in the event, we understand that this is not always the case.

How do I turn in my consent forms before the event?

For a team to participate in an Iowa FLL event, consent forms are required for youth team members, as well as anyone coaching or mentoring the team. Parents of youth participants, coaches, and mentors need to fill out the Consent and Release Form online. Please check out the Registration Process for more information.

Feel free to send this link on to your coaches, parents, and mentors for them to submit.

Who do I contact with questions about the FLL Challenge Qualifier event?

Logistical questions about the event or general questions about the program may be directed to Iowa FLL at

What awards are given at Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier Tournaments and how do teams advance to the state championship?

Every qualifier gives out official awards in the core areas (Core Values, Robot Design, Project), Robot Performance, and Champions Award.  Additional recognition may also be given depending on the tournament.

Teams can only receive one core award at a tournament with the exception of the Robot Performance award.  For example, if your team receives an award for Project, you cannot also receive an award for Core Values, but you can win the Robot Performance award for having the highest score in the Robot Game.

The best overall, well-rounded teams will advance to the state championship.  Advancing teams will be evaluated based on performance across all areas (Core Values, Robot Design, Project, Robot Performance). You can view our full advancement policy here.

Have questions that weren’t answered?  Email