Register as a Team Member

Step 1 (to be completed by coaches):

1) Log into the team registration system from
2) From your Dashboard, click on “My Teams”
3) In the “Team Contacts/Roster” section, click on “Primary Contacts”
4) On the “Manage Team Contacts” page, click the “Invite Contacts” button at the top of the page
5) Select “Parent/Guardian” from the “Contact Type” list
6) Enter Contact Name and Email address, then select “Add”
7) Click the “Send Invite” button

This will generate an email to the Parent/Guardian Contact alerting them that they have been invited to sign the youth consent and release form and to apply the youth to your team.

You will need to go back to the Primary Contacts link to accept or decline the youth team members listed as “Application Pending” by selecting the “Options” menu on their contact card. You will then see those team members on your Printable Roster.

Please note your team will need to have two, screened Lead Coach/Mentors in place before you can invite your team members. Team Administrators do not have the capability to send invites or see the youth applications, nor will they see the links to the paper consent forms in the Team Contacts page.

Step 2 (to be completed parents/guardians of team members):

1) Log into the team registration system at
2) Add your birth date, if prompted (by “your” we mean the parent/guardian).
3) Click the “Parent/Guardian – Youth” registration tab found at the top of the Dashboard.
4) If this is a new child, click the “Add Youth” button
5) Enter Child’s information
6) Enter School information
7) Sign Consent and Release form : Iowa FLL Consent Form
8) Apply child to Team

If child’s name is already entered, please click on child’s name to expand and click on blue “Youth Options” button, verify/modify information in youth’s profile and youth’s school, apply child to team, and sign consent form for this season.

For more information on how to register your child with a team, please see the Youth Registration System Guide.

Once you have completed these steps, Coaches will need to submit the roster and/or consent forms by following these instructions.