Schedules and Program

Check out the program for the 2016 Iowa FLL Championships here.

Know a team that is participating?  Take a look at the schedules below.

Can’t make it to Ames for the Championships?  Watch the Robot Game matches live here. (The Championships will start broadcasting at 9:00AM on January 14th and 15th, respectively.)

Want to see some cool demonstrations? Consider going to some of our outreach activities. We have over 20 outreach activities, everything from learning how to build a website to doing some cool experiments with chemicals. See our outreach schedule below.

Both Championship events will follow the same general schedule, which is available here.  See below for day-specific schedules on when teams will have robot game matches and judging sessions.

Tournament Schedules by Day



Full Match Schedule  Full Match Schedule
Grid Team Schedule Grid Team Schedule
Team List Team List
Global Innovation Championships Schedule
Outreach Schedule



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