Register to be a Volunteer

All volunteers for FIRST events need to register in the Volunteer Information Matching System (VIMS).  This system will allow you to enter your contact information and your experience with FIRST.  You can search for events in your area, and apply to be a volunteer at those events.

Volunteers will also have to undergo a background check per FIRST’s Youth Protection Program.  Getting screened is easy and free.  With just a few minutes of your time, you are helping Iowa FLL and FIRST ensure the protection of the youth involved in our programs.

Screening is valid for three years. However, if you were previously screened in the past two years, you will need to log into your FIRST VIMS account and agree to this season’s Terms and Conditions, Consent and Release Form and the Youth Protection Program Policies. Once these three items have been checked, your screening status will be updated and displayed in your account.

Become a Volunteer today!

To volunteer at any of the Regional Qualifying events, or the Iowa FLL State Championship, first create an account in VIMS.

Click here to be taken to the log on screen.

After registering as a volunteer, you can apply to volunteer at an event.  The user guides below have step by step instructions with screen shots on how to register, get screened, and apply to an event.  If you have any questions, please email

Note on volunteering for the Championship

If you can make it on the championship on Saturday as well as the championship on Sunday, make sure you apply for both events, as they are listed as Iowa FLL State Championship – Event 1 and Event 2, respectively.

A Note on Positions

If the position you are interested in from ISEK’s volunteer positions is not an option on FIRST’s registration forms, please mark “assign as needed” and put your interest in the comments section.

For descriptions of common positions, click here.

Conflict of Interest

You should not volunteer for a role involved with judging or refereeing at the event in which you have any relationship with any of the competing teams (coach, mentor, parent or relations to student or school/organization).  Link to FIRST Volunteer Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement.

More Information:

VIMS User Guide: Step by step guide on registering in VIMS and applying to an event.

VIMS FAQ: Your questions about the Volunteer Information Matching System answered!

US Screening Step by Step Screen Shots: Step by step guide to completing the quick and easy background check through FIRST.