Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteers play a critical role in ensuring that all our events are successful. Due to our wide range of positions, we welcome individuals with all different skillsets and strengths. To find the best position for you, explore all the volunteer position descriptions below. No prior experience is needed!

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Kids Camp Assistant

Be a role model and help kids get minds on, hands on fun through a variety of STEM activities. Camp volunteers help us serve more youth across Iowa by helping with ensuring youth are safe, having fun and might even share their STEM know how with the young future engineers and scientists.


Take digital pictures of everything happening at the event! We love having cool scenes of the tournament captured that might not otherwise get recorded. Have fun taking photos of teams working together, celebrating, focusing, having fun, and interacting with volunteers. Photographers are encouraged to take photos that show the diversity of teams at the event. Equipment is not provided, so all photographers must bring their own equipment.

FLL Explore

FIRST® LEGO League Explore (Formerly called FLL Jr.) Expo volunteers might help by engaging with teams and reviewing each team’s body of work including their LEGO model and Show Me poster. Volunteers may be asked to help the teams find their way around, or taking part in the closing ceremony to congratulate teams with High-5’s and applause. If you like working with younger kids (6-10 years old), this is a great opportunity.

FLL Challenge Emcee:

Serves as the public voice of the event at opening & closing ceremonies, introduces teams at the competition table, ensures teams are ready and starts the match by announcing, “Three, Two, One, LEGO!” Provides announcements and some play-by-play commentary about teams that helps put them at ease while keeping the audience engaged. This position sets the fun tone for the event. Enjoy acting, speaking, or announcing – this may be the position for you!

FLL Challenge Referee:

These people have a keen sense for detail as they interact with teams at the robot game table noting rule violations, assessing the field and scoring the robot game matches. All refs are required to get our advanced training and have a thorough knowledge of current Robot Challenge Game rules ahead of the event. Refs play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play, maintaining the pace and ensuring a fun environment for teams. Refs embody FLL Core Values while monitoring teams and spectators around the playing field. All referees receive training from the Iowa Head Referee. This position is right in on the robot action!

FLL Challenge Robot Game Timer

Want to be around the robots, but maybe don’t want to ref? These folks work to keep the tournament on schedule by timing the robot game matches. Working closely with the Event Head Referee to make sure the robot are on time set by the schedule, this position is key to event success.

FLL Challenge Robot Game Queuers and Table Resetters

Helping keep the robot game organized, this person manages team traffic to and from the robot game playing field, playing a critical role in ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and maintenance of overall event pace. Help greet teams and get them ready and excited to compete in the next match. Table resetters are utilized at large events to reset the LEGO missions on the tables.

FLL Challenge Judge

Serving as a role model for teams, these folks interview teams with other partner volunteers in the team’s performance in Core Values, Innovation Project, and Robot Design. All judges go through training before the event with the Iowa Judge Advisor in order to provide relevant and constructive feedback via a rubric to teams. Judges have the privilege of selecting teams for awards through documenting their interaction with teams and contributing to the deliberation process. Judges enjoy hearing all about what the teams have been doing all season and passing out awards at Closing Ceremonies.

FLL Challenge Judge Assistants and Queuers

To support the efforts of the judges, these volunteers are responsible for keeping their judging room organized and keeping the judging room running on time for the judges and teams ensuring the schedule runs smoothly. They will help with the traffic flow in and out of the judging room and welcome teams and spectators into the judging sessions. If you can stay on schedule, like engaging with people and interacting with the teams – this job is for you!

FLL Challenge Info Desk

Help teams get checked in and provide direction, assistance and information to coaches and spectators. This is a customer service area: consistency, smiles, graciousness, and people skills are a must.

FLL Challenge Score Keeper

Assists with entering and tracking FLL robot game scores from score sheets into a simple computer software. Shares the final ranking for robot scoring and display of the scores.

FLL Challenge Team Pits, Practice Table and Traffic Control Assistants

We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for teams and spectators during the day. These folks monitor the team pit areas, practice fields, event spaces and more to ensure safety and rules are being followed and may help with team morale boosting, garbage duty, traffic control, answering questions and clean up.

Not sure what you want to do? No problem!

We need people with all sorts of skills. Sign up as a general volunteer to assist in various areas as determined by the event organizer. You have lots of variety in going where needed, running around to get items where they should be, and just general help to every aspect of the event. These folks are useful as messengers, problem solvers, and guides, or any other role needing filled. Variety the spice of life? This job is for you!

Have a group or a corporate team that wants to volunteer? Email us at isek@iastate.edu.