Attending an Expo

A note to coaches on attending an Expo –

If your team chooses to attend a FLL Jr. Expo, be sure you and your team bring everything (all the models) they have built along with your team’s Show Me poster. Each team must have Consent and Release Form for all team members and coaches submitted one week prior to EVERY event you attend. The kids should be ready to talk about their models and research. The Expo includes time to enhance the team’s current model and meet with friendly Reviewers to share team members’ experiences.

Once registered, event details will be e-mailed to the FLL Jr. team coach. Only FLL Jr. teams officially registered with FIRST® are eligible to participate in a FLL Jr. Regional Expo. Not registered with FIRST? There’s still time!  FLL Jr. team registration is open from August to April.  Click here to learn more!

Expo capacity varies by event location, depending on the size of the venue. FLL Jr. Expo registration is available on a ‘first-registered, first-served’ basis.

Registration to participate in a FLL Jr. Expo is normally $20 per team.

All student participants (signed by parents), coaches, and mentors participating in the FLL Jr. Expo event will be required to sign and submit the FIRST Consent & Release Form electronically with the Iowa FLL Consent Form All forms are due 1 week prior to the Expo and failure to provide the completed FIRST Consent & Agreement Forms will result in forfeiture at the event.

Iowa FLL Championships

All FLL Jr. teams are invited to participate in the FLL Jr. Expo at the Iowa FLL State Championships- space is limited and registration is accepted on a first-registered basis.

This Iowa FLL Jr. Expo is held simultaneously with the Iowa FLL Championships – FLL Jr.teams will have the opportunity to see FIRST LEGO® League in action. The Expo typically lasts 2 hours. At the end of the Expo, teams will receive recognition for their efforts at the ‘High Five’ ceremony.  Additional information, including check-in time, location, etc. will be e-mailed to registered coaches as the event nears.

All teams are invited and encouraged to attend.

FLL Jr. Regional Expo!

These FLL Jr. Expos will be held in conjunction with a day-long regional FLL qualifier event and lasts around 2 hours.  Teams are invited to stick around after the Expo to see FLL in action!

FLL Jr. teams who do not register for an expo are welcome to attend an FLL Regional Qualifier as spectators.  It’s a great way to see what an Expo is like, but also to see what the next stop in the FIRST progression of programs is like.

Other Opportunities

FLL Jr. Expos may also be held in conjunction with other events.  These events may vary greatly and are a great way to showcase your team’s accomplishments to a broad audience.