Attending an Expo

A note to coaches on attending an Expo –

All FLL Explore and FLL Challenge Events will be held remotely for the 2020-2021 season.

If your team chooses to attend a FLL Explore Expo be sure that every team member and coach has a completed Consent and Release Form submitted one week prior to EVERY event you attend. During the expo kids should be ready to talk about their models and research. The Expo includes time to enhance the team’s current model and meet with friendly Reviewers to share team members’ experiences.

Once registered, event details will be e-mailed to the FLL Explore team coach. Only FLL Jr. teams officially registered with FIRST® are eligible to participate in a FLL Jr. Regional Expo. Not registered with FIRST? There’s still time!  FLL Jr. team registration is open from August to April.  Click here to learn more!

Details on the 2020-2021 FLL Jr. Explore Expos will be available soon!

Registration to participate in a FLL Jr. Expo is normally $20 per team.

All student participants (signed by parents), coaches, and mentors participating in the FLL Explore Expo event will be required to sign and submit the FIRST Consent & Release Form electronically with the Iowa FLL Consent Form.  All forms are due 1 week prior to the Expo and failure to provide the completed FIRST Consent & Agreement Forms will result in forfeiture at the event.

Iowa FLL Challenge Championships

The Iowa State FLL Challenge Championships are going virtual this year and are expected to be held sometime early 2021. More details will be provided soon.

In recent years, FLL Explore teams were invited to participate in an expo held at the FLL Challenge Championships. This expo was held simultaneously with the FLL Challenge Championships and usually lasted about 2 hours. This gave FLL Explore teams the chance to see FLL Challenge in action and be a part of the closing ‘High Five’ ceremony.

FLL Explore Regional Expo!

FLL Explore Expo’s are usually held in conjunction with day long regional FLL Challenge qualifier events and lasted about 2 hours. All FLL Explore teams are invited to stick around to watch FLL Challenge in action! Even if your team did not sign up for that expo they are still welcome to come as spectators.

FLL Jr. teams who do not register for an expo are welcome to attend an FLL Regional Qualifier as spectators.  It’s a great way to see what an Expo is like, but also to see what the next stop in the FIRST progression of programs is like.

Other Opportunities

In past years, FLL Explore events have also be held in conjunction with other events. These events may vary greatly and are a great way to showcase your team’s accomplishments to a broad audience.