Hosting an Expo

Interested in Hosting a FIRST LEGO® League Jr. Expo?

Please send an email with your interest and the following information:

  • Date
  • Time of proposed Expo
  • Location of Expo (including physical address)
  • Number of teams
  • Expo key volunteer coordinator name
  • Key volunteer coordinator Cell
  • Key volunteer coordinator Email
  • Number of volunteers sought for event
  • Other details of the event (such as details of the venue, or is it with another event)

Submit your proposed event with full details to Once we receive this information in full, we can review and respond to your request. Submitting this information does not ensure the event will be held, rather it is up for consideration and approval will be made by Iowa FLL Jr..

FLL Jr. Expo Hosting FAQs

I hosted an Expo last year. Can I do it again?
All Expo events are approved on an annual basis, so previous sites would need to submit their proposed event with full details to

How much space do I need to host an Expo?
Every team will need a minimum of four feet of table space for their model and Show-Me Poster. Safe spaces for teams, spectators, the high-five line, and a dedicated space for the Reviewers to discuss teams with one another, as well as adequate restrooms, parking and ensuring accommodations meet ADA guidelines should be considered.

If I have volunteers in mind, is their volunteer training done face-to-face or online?
All volunteers for the Expo should register in the FIRST® registration system.

Once the event is established and approved as an official Expo and the volunteers register and are fully screened, we will send them the Reviewer materials for them to fully read/review and then we host a short conference call to go over the materials with the Expo coordinator and volunteers designated as Reviewers so that everyone is familiar with how the event should be held, Reviewer requirements and ensure that they don’t have further questions to be prepared for day of the event.  That call is 30 minutes or less, and is hosted by our Iowa FLL Jr. staff.