Start a Team

FLL Explore is a program for 6-10 year olds and serves as a great introduction to the research and building aspects of FLL. It’s a good way for younger kids to start thinking about challenges the world is facing. FLL Explore introduces children to the concepts of teamwork and basic design skills, creating an initial interest and hands-on approach to science and technology through the familiarity and fun of LEGO building. The goal: provide an experience that will begin to transform youngsters and open their eyes to the possibilities of improving the world around them through acknowledgement, thought, planning and technology.

Getting started is easy:

  • Gather 2-6 team members ages 6-10.
  • Find two adult coaches.
  • Register your team with FIRST®
  • Order materials and access coaches’ resources online
  • Let the fun begin.

Coaches can be anyone – no special skills or knowledge is required.  In FLL Explore, the coaches learn right alongside the kids!

FLL Explore teams have an annual budget of about $300 for team registration and ordering the LEGO kit of parts (aka FLL Explore Base Kit).

For more information on starting a FLL Explore team, click here.