Fun-At-Home Activities

Fun-At-Home Activities

Hi, Iowa State Engineering Kids (and families) – each day we hope to add an activity with some fun engineering things to do. We will vary the ages and stages of people who might enjoy it, but our goal is fun for you and your whole family.

You will find the following activities:

  • here’s an activity you can do with stuff you have at home

  • things to do on your own, like looking things up or learning more about people who do this daily

  • movie or video to watch that connects to what you’re doing

  • Bedtime Math and other thoughts to send you off to sleep

We hope you enjoy our virtual Engineering Kids Camps! Even if we can’t get together on campus, we can at least have some fun from home! Stay in the loop by subscribing here. Subscribing will allow you to stay up to date of the fun activities that we will be posting throughout this period of time. Stay safe – be well.