FIRST TeamUp – New Features

Greetings FIRST TeamUp Users –

New Features: Users

  • Upon initial login for 2011 season, users are forced to read and accept the privacy policy, user agreement, and age verification at the bottom of the profile page.
  • Your selections for the “My Selection” area remain the same from last season. If you have updates to this section you can click in the upper right of the screen to get to the “My Selection” area. Remember to “Submit”/save your choices.

o   If you DO NOT want to be contacted by other individuals, please uncheck all boxes in the “My Selection” area. This will take your name out of the search and you will not be contacted.

New Features: Overall

  • If you are looking for a team for your child to join, we strongly recommend that you select the “Connect with Others in My Area” selection. We have found that there are many users searching for teams who, due to many different circumstances, cannot accept new members. Starting a new team with others in your area is a great solution!
  • On the “Search” results page you’ll notice a section that lists the Senior Mentors throughout the United States and the FLL Operational Partners in your area.

o   Contact the Senior Mentors to ask advice when starting a team or with general season questions.

o   Contact the FLL Operational Partner with questions about how FLL is run in your area.

Go directly to FIRST TeamUp:

Thank you for your continued patience.

FIRST TeamUp Support