Upcoming STEM Event

April 22 – Trebuchet Egg Throw Competition – High School Teams

Registration is now open for high school teams & volunteers for the 8th Annual QCESC Trebuchet Egg Throw Contest hosted at Bettendorf High School.  This is the 2nd event with the QC Tech Challenge ( in addition to the Jan 29-30 Bridge Building and May 13 Cardboard Boat Race).

Teams of 3-8 students, design & build trebuchets to launch raw eggs at targets at three, specified distances 75, 100, and 125 feet. Each team will get four shots at each distance with the two best shots counted for scoring. This field competition will count for 60 of the total 100 possible points.

In addition to the trebuchet, a presentation worth up to 40 points is given by each team to local engineers from the QCESC.


Help is available for new teams/schools wanting to participate.


Link to further information including pre-registration for teams & volunteers.