ISEK LEGO Build Challenge Week 4!

It’s another Wednesday launch of a new LEGO Free Build Challenge! Shout out to all the Iowa State Engineering Kids out there. Whether you truly are a kid or just a kid at heart doesn’t matter, because who doesn’t love LEGO?!

Here’s your weekly opportunity to show off those LEGO build skills and share your creativity with the world.

This week, we are excited to see what you can come up with for your free build challenge is Build Your Favorite Outdoor Activity or Thing You Enjoy in Nature.

Once you have completed your model, with adult permission, snap a picture or two, tell us a little bit about it and yourself in an email to us at, or again with adult permission, submit it to our Facebook or Instagram.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and as a way of saying thanks, we will be sending each entry a unique recognition.

Have fun and be creative – join us in being an Iowa State Engineering Kid!

Keep checking out our daily Fun At Home activities, and we will be thinking up our next LEGO challenge for you going live each Wednesday! Stay safe and be well!