FLL Grants Available

We appreciate the generous support of John Deere and Rockwell Collins for FIRST teams in Iowa last season.  Grants are now available for the 2016 Animal Allies season.  Follow the links below for more information and to apply.

John Deere FLL Jr. Grant Applications will open on Aug 8, 2016.

John Deere FLL Grants

Rockwell Collins FLL Grants



PLTW is proud to announce that we are now an official endorsed provider of curriculum and professional development for AP® Computer Science Principles (AP CSP). This endorsement affirms that all components of PLTW CSP’s offerings are aligned to the AP Curriculum Framework standards and the AP CSP assessment. Using an endorsed provider affords schools access to resources including an AP CSP syllabus pre-approved by the College Board’s AP Course Audit, and officially recognized professional development that prepares teachers to teach AP CSP. Learn more about PLTW’s CSP course.

Earlier this month, we also announced the official launch of the AP + PLTW Student Recognition application process. As part of our partnership with the College Board, the AP + PLTW program provides an opportunity for students to earn a recognition that shows college and employers that they’re ready for advanced course work and interested in STEM careers. To earn the recognition, a student must satisfactorily complete three courses in the pathway — one AP course; one PLTW course; and a third course, either AP or PLTW — and earn a qualifying score of 3 or higher on the AP Exam(s) and a score of Proficient or higher on the PLTW End-of-Course (EoC) assessment(s). Learn more about the AP + PLTW program and student recognition

Upcoming STEM Event

April 22 – Trebuchet Egg Throw Competition – High School Teams

Registration is now open for high school teams & volunteers for the 8th Annual QCESC Trebuchet Egg Throw Contest hosted at Bettendorf High School.  This is the 2nd event with the QC Tech Challenge ( in addition to the Jan 29-30 Bridge Building and May 13 Cardboard Boat Race).

Teams of 3-8 students, design & build trebuchets to launch raw eggs at targets at three, specified distances 75, 100, and 125 feet. Each team will get four shots at each distance with the two best shots counted for scoring. This field competition will count for 60 of the total 100 possible points.

In addition to the trebuchet, a presentation worth up to 40 points is given by each team to local engineers from the QCESC.


Help is available for new teams/schools wanting to participate.


Link to further information including pre-registration for teams & volunteers.

PLTW Grant Opportunities – Deadlines Approaching

Deadlines are fast approaching for the following PLTW grant opportunities.  Please consider apply for these grant dollars for expansion and sustainability of your PLTW program.

Inquiries into grant eligibility or questions about the full details can be sent to grants@pltw.org.


The 2016-17 Verizon-PLTW school grant opportunity is open now until March 31. Any middle school that does not currently offer PLTW Gateway’s Introduction to Computer Science (ICS) units and has a free and reduced lunch-eligible student population of 70 percent or greater is eligible to apply. Visit the Grant Opportunities page to learn more.

Given the significant interest in this opportunity, coupled with the limited number of grants available, it is expected to be a very competitive grant competition. Therefore, Verizon encourages schools to apply as soon as possible. If you have questions, please email Verizon@pltw.org.


Bemis and Project Lead The Way are partnering again for a new competitive grant for select school districts. These grants have an application window from Feb. 22 to Mar. 30, 2016.

Please note the implementation grants available:

PLTW Gateway – $20,000 = $10,000 in year one and $10,000 in year two

PLTW Launch – $7500 = $5000 in year one and $2500 in year two


Note: To be eligible, elementary and middle schools must reside in an active PLTW district where Bemis has in the past supported a PLTW program implementation of some sort, and the school cannot currently have the PLTW program for which they are applying.  Gateway requirement is that the school must need to be ready to implement any two of the Gateway units in Fall 2016.


If a district wants to apply for several grants for multiple elementary buildings for Launch, as an example, please feel free to email grants@pltw.org explaining the situation rather than doing individual applications for more than 3-4 schools.

Summer Internship Opportunity

The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals is offering high school students a paid summer internship to participate in ongoing research at Iowa State University. The Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) program is an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons in science and engineering as well as get hands-on, practical experience in a state-of-the-art research laboratory.


Applications are due by March 15, 2016.  You can find more information online at  http://www.cbirc.iastate.edu/education/precollege/ or by viewing the 2016 YES Flyer.