2011 ISEK summer camps now available!

Sorry we’re a couple days late getting this online. Information, as well as registration, for 2011 ISEK summer camps is now available! Just click on that big purple “Camp” tab above to find out all the awesome details. Our camps do fill up quickly, so if your daughter or son is interest in participating in a camp, be sure to sign up promptly.

Student Experiments Aboard Space Shuttle

As part of their Students Spaceflight Experiments Program, the National Center for Earth Space and Science Education is looking for school districts interested in having a student experiment aboard the the U.S. Space Shuttle Atlantis. Interested districts are invited to host a science project competition and would be able to have the winning project travel up to the cosmos with the shuttle!

If you’re interested in learning more, please click here. Also, to get information about the current projects going up in the Space Shuttle Endeavour, scheduled to launch in April, click here.

CRITITAL DEADLINE: In order to participate in this project, your community must sign up by March 15th.

LEGO Birthday Parties!

We’ve had questions about this in the past, so we figured we’d share with everyone:
LEGO now offers a birthday part kit you can purchase – perfect for the LEGO Maniac in your life! Check it out on LEGO.com.

Iowa FLL Championship Webcast

Alright, tomorrow is the 2009 (in 2010) Iowa FLL Championship! We’re all incredibly excited to see all of the teams and what they’ve accomplished with Smart Move! All of today, Friday, the Iowa FLL Planning Team is setting up for the tournament. We already dropped four sets of bleachers in with a 10 ton lift-now we get to set everything else up.

If you aren’t going to be able to make it to the Championship in person, you can still see everything that’s going on! We’ll be webcasting the entire event live. Click on the link below to watch. The live webcast will be starting around 8:30AM, but you can log in now to make sure your computer is ready for it.

You can also take a look at the program and schedule for the day on the Important Documents page if you’re watching for a certain event or team.

We’d like to thank ISU Engineering Distance Education and ISU Extension for their help with the live webcast.

Get excited for the Iowa FLL Championship!

Hope everyone is as excited about the upcoming Iowa FLL Championship this weekend – we certainly are! Want to get a sneak peak at what the Championship is like and what teams have been working on this season? The ISU College of Engineering has posted a bunch of videos about FLL from this season and last season. Check them out!