Parent / Educator Links

As parents and educators, you have the very exciting and extremely important job of promoting STEM as a possible course of study and career path for youth of all backgrounds. Here are some links we think you might find useful:

Find STEM Iowa
This website lists STEM events taking place all throughout Iowa. In addition, STEM events can be submitted to be put up on their calendar. There is also quite a bit of other Iowa STEM information.

Too Small to Fail
Too Small to Fail aims to help parents and businesses take meaningful actions to improve the health and well-being of children ages zero to five, so that more of America’s children are prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

Bedtime Math
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Engineering Kids Books
There are plenty of interesting, fun books about engineering for kids of any age, so check out some of our favorites!

Information about STEM Jobs, careers, data, ways to talk about STEM –
Change the Equation

Live Science – What is STEM Education?

What is STEM and why is it so important? What jobs and applications fall under STEM? Get these questions answered by reading the following article!

Engineering for Kids – Why is STEM Education So Important?

STEM is a great career path for aspiring engineers. Students can start their pathway in STEM at almost any grade level. The information they gather is not only important and helpful to know. It also is a ton of fun to learn about and explore!

Mind Research Institute – Tomorrow’s Jobs Are in STEM

It is predicted that more STEM-related jobs will be available in the future than non-STEM related jobs. Now is the time to explore and see if STEM is right for you!

National Inventors Hall of Fame – The Benefits of STEM Education

We need to prepare future generations to think like innovators to move our world forward. Teaching those students STEM-related subjects gives them the necessary skills to be successful.

National Inventors Hall of Fame – Defining STEM in Education

STEM can sometimes be hard to define since its definition can change to incorporate other subjects. – What is STEM Education?

Learn how STEM education improves society and helps the world move forward.

iD Tech – Why is STEM Important?

Why is STEM education so important and how do we prepare our educators to successfully teach STEM-related subjects to students?

Natural Start Alliance – Engaging Children in STEM Education Early

Learn about the importance of starting STEM education at a young age to better prepare students to capitalize on STEM opportunities.

The Edvocate – 3 Ways To Revolutionize STEM Ecuation in the United States

How can we revolutionize and better teach STEM in our schools?

ISA – Why STEM Education is Important

Teaching STEM related subjects in schools inspires and equips students to become future innovators and creators. To move our country and world forward STEM needs to be made a priority in our schools and in our society.

12 Awesome Jobs for People that Love Science: 

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STEM Connector
Million Women Mentors

Lesson plans:
Teach Engineering
Try Engineering – Lesson Plans
Teacher’s Lessons
Engineering Classroom

Great resource for real-world examples and why their learning is so important –
NAE Grand Challenges
We Use Math
Engage Engineering

Coding and Technology Fun-
Girls Who Code
Digi Girlz

Organizations that do STEM programming-
Robotics and Research-
FIRST® LEGO League (and other K-12 programs)
Project Lead The Way
Engineering is Elementary

Website for careers, examples, cool uses of engineering-
Engineer Girl
Discover Engineering

Awesomely fun way to learn about things and How Stuff Works-
How Stuff Works

Because space and NASA are just cool-
NASA For Students
Sally Ride Science
NASA Women

Great professional organizations-
Society of Women Engineers
Girl Scouts STEM programming
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
National Society of Black Engineers
Electrical Engineering and Technology
American Society for Engineering Education
American Society of Civil Engineers
Check out the trailer for their awesome movie: Dream Big
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates
Women in Engineering ProActive Network
And it could go on and on!

Other organizations listings for deeper dive-
NEA STEM Resources
Masters in Data Science Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids
Iowa Governor’s STEM