In-Person and Remote Event Information

FLL Challenge In-person Events This Season

Registration for teams is now open with FIRST® at Iowa FLL Challenge Event Registration is also open on our FLL Challenge Qualifier Registration Page. This season, we are offering in-person FLL Challenge Qualifier Events. If you have an extenuating circumstance on your team that requires a remote event accommodation, please email

Iowa State University College of Engineering has the privilege of leading the Iowa FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Challenge and FLL Explore efforts, working with committed students, individuals, and organizations that share the goal of inspiring the next generation of diverse youth into STEM fields. We want to thank you for giving your FLL team the opportunity to share and celebrate everything they have learned throughout the season.

The following is general information for attending an Iowa FLL Challenge SUPERPOWERED Qualifier with lots of information you need to know BEFORE attending an event. Please read it thoroughly and let know if you have any questions.

Before Attending An Event

Before attending an event we recommend a few tasks to ensure your event goes off smoothly!


    At least two weeks before your Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier Event, teams need to complete and submit an ISU FLL Consent Form for all coaches AND team members.


    Speak to your team about the importance of staying together and always being with an adult at events. Review the schedules and check your email for any updates. And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep the night before!


    First, check the road conditions by visiting the Iowa DOT website at Please review the Iowa FLL Inclement Weather Policy ahead of time, in the event of bad weather at In the case the event must be cancelled, we will contact all coaches via email.


    All Coaches receive an email with the venue name and address. Please keep this information handy and share with any adults driving to the venue. Parking in available close to each of the building used for Qualifiers.


    If you have questions or concerns leading up to the event or about FLL in general, please reach out to Iowa State University/Iowa FLL at If your team is unable to attend the event, please let us know as soon as possible.

Schedule and General Event Structure

Teams will participate in one 25–30 minute judging session and three two and a half minute robot game rounds sessions. All teams will be identified on the schedule with their FIRST Team Number. Please make sure coaches, team members, and any spectators know the team number. Teams can expect the following for in-person events:


Teams are asked to be onsite 10-15 minutes before the event. We ask that teams not plan to arrive until that time to allow our volunteers to arrive and be ready for teams. The team’s coach will need to check in the team using their FIRST Team Number.



In the judging session, teams will talk with 1 set of judges about their FLL Challenge Season and their work on the three Challenge areas: innovation project, robot design, and core values. Up to 2 coaches can silently observe the teams judging session and record or provide live stream to people not attending. It is important that only the students are sharing information with judges. To prepare, please make sure to read the following documents and notes:

Items to note about Iowa FLL Challenge Judging:

  • No Core Values poster is required.
  • No Robot Design presentation is required – we want teams and judges to have a conversation about the robot.
  • There will be no Core Values activity or teamwork activity during the judging session.
  • No projector will be available for team presentations. Teams may bring a laptop to hold as they present slides, if they desire.
  • Please have your robot with the team and a sample of your code that you can share.
  • Teams will have 5 minutes at the start of the session to present their project. This includes one minute of set up within the 5 minutes, so please be prepared.
  • Remember to practice your presentation and answering questions as a team: Presentation Guide
  • Team project presentations should be live. A short (up to 30 seconds) video is allowed in to be included in the presentation.


Teams will run their robot for 2.5 minutes each round while working to complete as many missions as they can to get the highest score. After each match, the volunteer referee will score their run and reset the robot game table.



To ensure a safe event, we are asking teams and spectators to:

  • Limit judging session to 2 coaches and 10 team members only.
  • Ensure all youth members stay with an adult at all times at the event.

If members of your team will be in separate locations:

  • Require a parent or legal guardian to be physically present with each team member for the entire event.
  • Remind members and parents/legal guardians that the event might be recorded.
  • Encourage members and parents/legal guardians to remove items from background that would identify location or identity.


In keeping with the FIRST® Core Values, we expect all coaches, team members, spectators, and volunteers to exhibit good Gracious Professionalism throughout the event. We thank you in advance for following the instructions of volunteers who are working hard to make sure the event runs smoothly and is safe for all in attendance.

As a reminder, as part of the event registration process, teams agreed to the following safety measures:

  • Be aware of and comply with local ordinances and local public health directives.
  • Instruct individuals to stay home if they or any individual residing in the same home has had any COVID-19 symptoms during the days preceding the date of the event.
  • Additionally, for members attending an in-person event, follow all posted signage and communicated guidelines received from Iowa State University Engineering Outreach (Iowa FLL).

SOCIAL MEDIA: Find Iowa FLL on Facebook and on Twitter @IowaFLL and use #FLLIASTATE.


Before you head out, it is a good idea to make sure you have everything you need (but we recommend that you do not bring expensive personal items – we are not responsible for lost or stolen property). We also encourage teams to not bring anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, since there will be no team pits at the event.

  • Robot
  • Extra batteries or your charger if you use a rechargeable battery pack
  • Laptop/computer and USB cable – if you have a presentation or show the judges your programs.
  • Printed copies of your robot’s programs – optional, but highly recommended
  • Project presentation materials, if applicable
  • Camera, if you want to record judging
  • Optional – box to carry your robot and spare parts to/from the judging room and match tables.


  • Expensive personal items — we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Challenge Set
  • Lawn chairs — we ask that teams and spectators utilize the seating that is available in each building
  • Nail polish, balloons, or confetti
  • Air horns or other loud noise makers
  • Weapons of any kind — ISU Policy (