Remote Event Information

FLL Challenge Remote Events This Season

We are busy planning for the upcoming FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge 2020/2021 RePLAY season in Iowa. Registration for teams is now open with FIRST® at We know that much of your fall planning on having a team this season is contingent on things like school policies, personal safety, and the ability to meet as a team. We, too, are thinking of the many variables and appreciate your ongoing interest in these programs.

General Event Schedule

  • 8 – 8:15 am:Opening Ceremonies
  • 8:45 am: Judging Begins
  • 8:45 – 9:15 am: Judging Session One
  • 9:30 – 10 am: Judging Session Two
  • 10:15 – 10:45 am: Judging Session Three
  • 11:00 – 11:30 am: Judging Session Four
  • 1:00 pm: Closing Ceremonies with Award Recognition


Iowa FLL will be using Zoom for judging sessions. Teams will meet virtually with 1 set of Judges for 25-30 minutes. The change in judging format is a world-wide change from FIRST. Audience members and coaches will be allowed to silently watch the entire judging session. We ask that all spectators and coaches are muted with their cameras off to help the judges focus on the students presenting. To learn more about what to expect of the event, please use the following resources.

Judging Session Overview

  • Team Welcome

    2 Minutes

    Judges introduce themselves and ensure teams are ready to start the session.

  • Innovation Project Presentation & Q/A

    10 Minutes

    Teams start by presenting their 5 minute Innovation Project Presentation. The remaining time is a designated Q/A about the team’s presentation.

  • Robot Design Q/A

    10 Minutes

    Teams may start by presenting a short Robot Design Overview (1-2 mins). The remaining time is a designated Q/A about the team’s robot.

  • Core Values

    3 Minutes

    Teams reflect on the Core Values they used throughout the season.

  • Feedback

    5 Minutes

    Teams recieve feedback from judges.

Judging Notes

  • No Core Values Poster Required
  • No Robot Design Presentation required – We want teams and judges to have a conversation about the robot.
  • Please have your robot and a sample of your code that you can share
  • There will be no teamwork activity during the judging session.
  • Teams will have 5 minutes to present their project.
  • Teams may have a short (1 minute) video for their project presentation. We have noticed that playing videos through Zoom while screensharing can make the video pixeled and hard to see. If you plan to use a video, try practicing using Zoom.
  • An adult should be in the room with the child or children at all times while in Zoom (even if the kids are on zoom individually).

Consider practicing with your team on Zoom. You can practice skills like muting/unmuting, finding a quiet space with good lighting, sharing your screen if needed, etc. We recommend that team members change their names in Zoom to their first name ONLY and team number (ex: Sally 12345).


  • Champion’s Award: This award celebrates a team that embodies the FIRST ® LEGO® League Challenge experience, by fully embracing our Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in Robot Performance, Robot Design and the Innovation Project.
  • Core Values Award: This team displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, knows they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and shows each other and other teams respect at all times.
  • Innovation Project Award: This team utilizes diverse resources for their Innovation Project to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of their problem, have a creative, well-researched solution and effectively communicate their findings to judges and the community.
  • Robot Design Award: This team uses outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions.
  • Robot Performance Award: This award celebrates a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game. Teams have a chance to compete in at least three 2.5-minute matches and their highest score counts.
  • Coach/Mentor Award: Coaches and mentors inspire their teams to do their best, both as individuals and together, and without them, there would be no FIRST LEGO League. This award goes to the coach or mentor whose leadership and guidance is clearly evident and best exemplifies the FIRST Core Values. Nominations are due Wednesday before the event.
  • Global Innovation Award Qualifier Nominee: This is a nomination given to a team that best meets the Global Innovative Award rubric. This is a nomination to attend the next round of the GIA process in Iowa. The teams selected at Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifiers will attend an Iowa FLL GIA event where reviewers will then select 3 teams to move ahead to the global process. More information can be found here.

Advancement Policy and Requirements:

  • Have 2-10 team members (note: teams of over ten participants will not be eligible for awards)
  • Follow the Participation Rules
  • Complete all required portions of the Innovation Project
  • Have no disqualifying (red-level) Core Values behaviors
  • Participate in only one official Qualifier during the season
  • Perform well in all four areas of the Challenge, which are equally weighted: robot game and three judging areas (Innovation Project, Robot Design, Core Values)
  • Each Iowa FLL Challenge Qualifier will have similar percentage advancing (25% of teams attending)
  • All advancing teams will have the opportunity to participate in the (remote) Iowa Championship later this season

Robot Game

Teams will be asked to upload their video(s) of for the robot game the Tuesday prior to their event. Teams can upload 1 to 3 videos of their 2.5 minute robot rounds. Only the top scoring robot round for each team will count with any additional robot round videos being used to break any ties. Please look at the resources below for more information especially on the filming of the robot.


ISU Engineering Community Outreach, first and foremost, wants all events to be safe for kids, coaches and spectators. While Iowa FLL is having remote events this year, it is no different. In registration all coaches had to agree to safety standards. Please keep these in mind as you plan for the event:

Coaches and teams agree to safety measures including but not limited to the following:

If members of your team will be together in the same location:

  • Be aware of and comply with local ordinances and local public health directives;
  • Instruct individuals to stay home if they or any individual residing in the same home has had any COVID-19 symptoms during the 14 days preceding the date of the event.
  • Allow for physical distancing (6 feet between individuals) wherever possible;
  • Require face coverings that cover the nose and mouth where physical distancing is not possible;
  • Ensure the number of individuals does not exceed 50% of the gathering space’s capacity;
  • Have widely available handwashing stations and/or hand sanitizer stations;
  • Maintain a list of individuals present in case contact tracing in needed; and
  • Please consider, if you are providing food, provide only prepackaged or preassembled food items.
If members of your team will be in separate locations:

  • Require a parent or legal guardian to be physically present with each team member for the entire event
  • Remind members and parents/legal guardians that the event will be recorded
  • Encourage members and parents/legal guardians to remove items from background that would identify location or identity

Please let know if you have any questions.