Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Referee: Observes team robot game matches, identifies rule violations, assesses field for scoring of matches. Requires advanced training and thorough knowledge of current Robot Challenge Game rules.  Plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.  Embodies FLL core values while monitoring practices on and around the playing field. All referees will go through training sessions before the tournament to learn the rules of the game and other aspects of their job with the Iowa Head Referee.

Judge: These volunteers interview teams with a partner volunteer in one of the three areas (Core Values, Project, Robot Design) and provides feedback via a rubric. Selects team award recipients through interaction with teams and contributing to the deliberation process.  Serves as a role model for the team members. All judges will go through training before the event with the Iowa Judge Advisor.

FLL Jr. Reviewer: We hold a FIRST® LEGO League Jr. (FLL Jr.) Expo simultaneously with some of our FLL Qualifiers and Championships. FLL Jr. volunteers will help review FLL Jr. participant’s work, help the FLL Jr. participants find their way around and congratulate them during FLL Jr. closing ceremonies. If you like working with younger kids (6-10 years old), this is a great position!

Judge Assistants: To support the efforts of the judges, these volunteers are responsible for keeping their judging room organized including keeping the time for the judges, Giving teams and judges verbal or nonverbal ques about timing and ensuring the schedule runs smoothly. They will help with the traffic flow in and out of the room and ensure that the proper team comes into the judging room on time with the help of the queuer.

Judging Queuer: These volunteers will are positioned outside the room and are responsible for tracking which team should be in the queuing area and ready for judging. Queuers will have the opportunity to interact with each team, to excite them for their opportunity to meet with the judges and learn about their team. These people will also be the first lines of defense against traffic congestion and noisy hallways that can distract from judging.

Robot Game Timer: These folks are working to keep the tournament on schedule. They will keep the flow of the day going by constantly checking the clock and giving ques to other field volunteers on timing. Works closely with the Event Head Referee to keep time for the robot matches and ensure the robot game tables are on time set by the schedule.

Robot Game Queuer: Manages team traffic to and from the playing field. Plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and maintenance of overall event pace. Helps keep teams in order and ready to compete in the next match while ensuring the schedule is held.

Emcee: Serves as the public voice of the event at opening & closing ceremonies, plus introduces both teams at the competition table, ensures teams are ready and starts the match by announcing, “Three, Two, One, LEGO!” Provides anecdotal announcements and commentary about teams that helps put them at ease while keeping the audience engaged.

Info Desk: Assists with FLL Team check-in, provides direction, assistance, and information to coaches and spectators. Answers every question imaginable so will need to be knowledgeable of the site to direct spectators as needed.  This is a customer service area; consistency, smiles, graciousness, and people skills are a must.

Score Keeper: Assists with entering and tracking FLL robot game scores from score sheets. Will have access to computer and scoring software. Helps facilitate the final ranking for robot scoring and display of the scores.

Photographer: Takes digital pictures of everything! We love having cool angles of the tournament that might not otherwise get recorded, so be creative. Take photos of the events during opening ceremonies, during robot game rounds, select judging sessions, and throughout the event. Target photos to teams working together, celebrating, focusing, having fun, and interacting with volunteers. Photographers are encouraged to take photos that show the diversity of teams at the event. Equipment is not provided, so all photographers must bring their own equipment.

Pit Manager: We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for teams and spectators during the day. This volunteer monitors the team pit area to ensure all rules are being followed and may help with check-in, morale boosting, garbage duty, traffic control, practice table watcher, answering questions, and clean up. If you notice problems or suspect theft, contact someone immediately. We discourage spectators from wandering in and out of pits as we want this to be a team area for strategizing and communicating.

Practice Table Assistant: Monitors the practice table to ensure all rules are being followed. Checks to make sure all the LEGO models and pieces stay with the practice table and down wonder off.

Table Resetter: To keep the robot competition on schedule, table resetters are useful at large events to reset the LEGO missions on the tables. Very useful to know the challenge and set-up guides.

Traffic Control: Helps direct and manage large groups of people moving from place to place to ensure safety. Helps ensure only allowable individuals are in certain areas of the event. Keeps judging areas quiet and ensures all guests are acting in a safe and appropriate manner (no running inside, G-rated language, etc).

Floater/Runner: Jack and Jills of all trades. Assists in various areas as determined by the key volunteer. Go where needed, run around to get items where they should be, and just general help to every aspect of the tournament. You will be all over the place! Floaters can be useful as messengers, problem solvers, and guides, or any other role needing filled.

Additional Roles at Iowa FLL Championships

Team Helpers: To support the teams, we give them an ISU Buddy for the day. The Team Helpers keep the team on schedule; show them where to go, help out the coaches/mentors as needed, and provide a good example of what engineering and ISU are all about. These people need to be positive, fun and enjoy hanging out with their team. Team Helpers will need to be available to greet their teams in their pit areas on the morning of the tournament and remain with their teams the entire day.

Future FLL: Your task is to build LEGO®’s with kids! A wall will be set up near the competition that kids can build LEGO’s on. It is your job to encourage kids that walk by to create something. It is a requirement for this position to be enthusiastic and keep all the kids excited, encouraging them to invent anything they want!

Ops assistants: These people are assigned to a specific floor on a specific building for the day. As an ops assistant, you will be tasked to help the Ops lead with anything and everything to do with your building’s floor. Is garbage full? Take it out. Is a team lost trying to find their judging room? You’ll be able to help direct them! To be an ops assistant, you will have to know about ISU’s buildings and campus, therefore ISU students are preferred for this position.

Outreach Assistants: University clubs and teams host various activities throughout the day for the FLL teams and their families to enjoy. Outreach assistants help monitor these activities and encourage all team members to participate. These people should love promoting Iowa State and STEM fields.

Head floater: Lead the army of floaters! Your task is to communicate over a laptop (provided) or cell phone with the volunteer coordinator to assign floaters to various positions as needed. Must be willing to download the app, GroupMe, to communicate with the volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer room assistant: You are responsible for monitoring the volunteer check-in room to make sure the volunteers are volunteering and not “hanging out” as well as making sure all personal belongings left in the room do not get stolen. A perk- you can bring laptops, games, homework, etc. to keep you entertained during this time!

Judge Room Assistant: You will be assigned tasks such as setting up for lunch, cleaning up the room throughout the day, and other basic tasks to be done in the Judge’s Room.