Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Floaters/runners: Jack and Jills of all trades. Go where needed, run around to get items where they should be, and just general help to every aspect of the tournament. You will be all over the place!

Future FLL: Your task is to build LEGO®’s with kids! A wall will be setup near the competition that kids can build LEGO’s on. It is your job to encourage kids that walk by to create something. It is a requirement for this position to be enthusiastic and keep all the kids excited, encouraging them to invent anything they want!

Head floater: Lead the army of floaters! Your task is to communicate over a laptop (provided) or cell phone with the volunteer coordinator to assign floaters to various positions as needed. Must be willing to download the app, GroupMe, to communicate with the volunteer coordinator.

Head ref assistant: Your task is exactly what the title states, assisting the Head ref! You will be following the head ref around, ensuring that the robot competition runs smoothly. A perk- you will be close up and personal with the robot competition all day, how cool!

Info Desk: These areas are where teams will register, ask questions, buy t-shirts, and come for every question imaginable. This is a customer service area; consistency, smiles, graciousness, and people skills are a must.

FLL Jr.: We hold a FIRST® LEGO League Jr. (FLL Jr.) Expo simultaneously with the FLL Championship. FLL Jr. volunteers will help review FLL Jr. participant’s work, help the FLL Jr. participants find their way around and congratulate them during FLL Jr. closing ceremonies. If you like working with younger kids (6-9 years old), this is a great position!

Judge’s Advisor assistant: To support the efforts and tasks of the Judge advisor, you will be helping the Judge Advisor train queuers, timers for the judging rooms, table resetters, and judge assistants. It will be your responsibility to make sure there are enough of these staffed in each of the judging rooms and if necessary, you will be there to help train a floater on the spot. Other tasks needed by the Judge Advisor may be necessary, so be prepared to help!

Judge Assistants: To support the efforts of the judges, these persons are responsible for keeping their judging room organized including running miscellaneous tasks for judges, communicating with the Queuer and Time Keeper, and ensuring the schedule run smoothly. The assistants perform other critical roles, including providing the judges with the proper team information, and providing an extra pair of eyes and ears for the judges. Sometimes a story will come out while a team is awaiting the judging process, and the Judge Assistants may be the only ones able to share the story with the judges.

Judge Room Assistant: You will be assigned tasks such as setting up for lunch, cleaning up the room throughout the day, and other basic tasks to be done in the Judge’s Room.

Outreach Assistants: University clubs and teams host various activities throughout the day for the FLL teams and their families to enjoy. Outreach assistants help monitor these activities and encourage all team members to participate. These people should love promoting Iowa State and STEM fields.

Ops assistants: These people are assigned to a specific floor on a specific building for the day. As an ops assistant you will be tasked to help the Ops lead with anything and everything to do with your building’s floor. Garbage full? Take it out. Is a team lost trying to find their judging room? You’ll be able to help direct them! To be an ops assistant, you will have to have a knowledge of ISU’s buildings and campus, therefore ISU students are preferred for this position.

Photographers: Take digital pictures of everything! We love having cool angles of the tournament that might not otherwise get recorded, so be creative. Take photos of teams working together, cheering, building, tense moments, and all aspects of the competition. We use these photos to create a cool slide show at the end of the day during closing ceremonies, so your work is very important to the memories of the day. Equipment is not provided, so all photographers must bring their own equipment. DSLR or comparable technology and previous experience using the equipment is desired.

Pit Watchers: As with the safety staff, we want to maintain a safe environment for teams during the day. You will be the Jack and Jills of all trades in the team pit areas. Roles may include, but are not limited to; planning team support staff, check-in, morale booster, garbage duty, traffic control, practice table advocate, and clean up. If you notice problems or suspect theft, contact someone immediately. We discourage guests wandering in and out of pits as we want this to be a team area for strategizing and communicating.

Queuer: Each judging room will have one queuer positioned outside the room. This person is responsible for tracking which team should be in the queuing area and ready for judging. Queuers will have the opportunity to interact with each team, to excite them for their opportunity to meet with the judges and learn about their team. These people will also be the first lines of defense against traffic congestion and noisy hallways that will distract from judging.

Referee: Referees have one of the most important, challenging and rewarding positions at the tournament. As a referee, you’ll be down on the competition floor, watching the robotic rounds. Refs need to know the rules of the game and be willing to cheer every team on to success. All referees will go through training sessions before the tournament to learn the rules of the game and other aspects of their job with the Head Referee.

Table Resetter: In order to keep the robot competition on schedule, table resetters are needed to set the LEGO missions back up on the tables. Table resetters are needed in the robot design judging rooms.

Team Helpers: To support the teams, we give them an ISU Buddy for the day. The Team Helpers keep the team on schedule; show them where to go, help out the coaches/mentors as needed, and provide a good example of what engineering and ISU are all about. These people need to be positive, fun, and enjoy hanging out with their team. Team Helpers will need to be available to greet their teams in their pit areas on the morning of the tournament and remain with their teams the entire day.

Tech Crew: To support the efforts of the professional tech crews, these people will be assigned to work with them on aspects of audio-visual elements of the tournament. This may mean operating cameras, helping with setup/tear down, and everyone on this crew should plan to report early on Saturday. You will work with Paul Jewell of Engineering Distance Education on the day of the tournament.

Time Keepers: These people will be at the competition tables or in a judging room. You will be giving verbal or non-verbal cues to the teams to keep everything on schedule. With so many activities scheduled back to back with no wiggle room, these people are critical for a successful, delay-free event. Accuracy is critical when being a time-keeper.

Time Keepers in judging rooms: This Time Keeper is in charge of keeping the Judges on schedule including giving verbal or non-verbal cues to the teams, making sure the teams do not run over their allotted time, and communicating with the Judges when it is time for the next team. Accuracy is critical when being a time-keeper.  With so many activities scheduled back to back with no wiggle room, these people are critical for a successful, delay-free event.

Traffic Control: We want to ensure the safety of everyone, especially the children. These people will be stationed in a variety of locations during the day. This position makes sure that people are maintaining clear walkways, acting appropriately, and in a safe manner while respecting ISU property.

Volunteer room assistant: You are responsible for monitoring the volunteer check-in room to make sure the volunteers are volunteering and not “hanging out” as well as making sure all personal belongings left in room do not get stolen. A perk- you are able to bring laptops, games, homework, etc. to keep you entertained during this time!